About Us

Who we are:

Our goal at SelfcareHSA is to make it simple and be the trusted partner in the healthcare banking space. Powered by Sunwest Bank, we trace our roots back 50 years to a group of investors who wanted to establish a local community bank that would create value for the neighborhoods and businesses it served. Through steadfast commitment, we continually strive to deliver progressive banking solutions and products to meet our clients’ needs.


SelfcareHSA saw an opportunity to improve the market. We identified a gap in the services provided both to consumers and employers managing health savings accounts. Reflecting on our entrepreneurial roots we knew we could build a better platform, so we put together a team of industry experts to accomplish our goal. As a result, SelfcareHSA created a health savings account that allows consumers to be better equipped to save for their healthcare needs and our employers are empowered to sustain this benefit with ease. It's Your Journey, Your Money, Your Decision.