Employer FAQ

What we offer

SelfcareHSA offers a wide variety of features to assist you and your employees to have an experience that builds confidence when planning for current and future healthcare needs. We offer a personable service, not only to you with a designated account representative, but to the employees that will receive guidance with resources as they navigate their HSA account.


  • Quick and easy registration.
  • Upload and manage employees in a single step.
  • Simple contribution process with ability to set reoccurring contributions.
  • Ability to track and compare year to year employee enrollment.
  • Swift payment options through ACH.
  • Dedicated account representative.
  • Team of experts to assist your employees.
  • Built from the ground up with no third-party platforms. We’re nimble and responsive, we’re simple.

How to get started

  • Speak with a dedicated account representative to learn more about SelfcareHSA.
    Support@SelfcareHSA.com, or call at 866-HSA-SELF (866-472-7353)
    (Do not send confidential information via email)
  • Setup an info session and demo
  • Complete the company registration process
  • Register your company admin and enroll your employees
  • Let SelfcareHSA do the work!

Company Portal

  • Add or remove company admins
  • Enroll employees
  • Make employer and employee contributions
  • View contribution reports
  • View employee status and plan type
  • Generate reports and view annual comparisons of employee participation


What is an HSA?

What is the time frame to get employees enrolled?

What and when should the employees expect to receive in the mail?

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How do I get employees enrolled?

Will I have access to forms and support to assist my employees?

When can I start making contributions?

Who do I call if something goes wrong or I have questions?

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When will employees recieve debit cards?

Can I update my employees' information through the enrollment template?

What will happen to an account if we cannot verify an employee's identification?

Is there a daily limit on funding contributions?

Will I need employee SSN to make contributions?

Will employees be able to tell the difference between employer and employee contributions?

When is an account considered open?

What is SelfcareHSA routing number?